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I don't mind telling you: I'm happily up-employed. I'm working for a famous aerospace firm whom I've held in high esteem since childhood. From my desk, I look out over Pioneer Courthouse Square--the aforementioned "Living Room" of my home town. I'm at the end of my 3rd week here, and it's been really wonderful so far.

I'm still DJ'ing, and TCF is calling once again. I may be in a band, but it's uncertain.

Looking at potential houses to buy. I'm not yet sure I can go through with it, but I am getting my feet wet.

Back in touch with Ashley. It's a very good thing--we're settling a lot of issues.

Just bought in-line skates for Anise and I--we are developing a ritual of roller skating every Saturday afternoon--usually at Oaks Park.

I'm biking to work almost every day now (well, except yesterday and today), and working out on the weekends. Unfortunately, this isn't enough, as I can tell that my metabolism is slowing down (sigh).

While descending Multnomah Falls trail (near the top), one of the lenses in my eyeglasses popped out. I've been wearing prescription sunglasses (much like a chump) ever since. Had an eye exam shortly after this event, only to learn that one of my eyes has tilted. The doc informed me that the prescription he wrote me would take a week to adjust to. I need new glasses--the sunglasses don't work well, really--but I can't suffer a week of downtime right now. I know that my occasional headaches and frequent fatigue are due to eyestrain type issues, but who can take the time off??

2nd Grade just got out--poor Anise is really bored. I'm concerned that any move we make will upset her sense of stability--not to mention the fact that she's in a Waldorf program now, which you are supposed to stick with until 8th grade to realize the proper results. There could be problems for her if I put her back in a traditional k-12 system soon.

Also, the long delay between posts is because I'd forgotten my login. Well, but I didn't--I tried again, and now it works (months later).
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August 24 - Dunes (free)

SODA presents: "Sticky"

The Cancer Fags
Hott Pink
Sad Panda
DJ Mr. Romo

The innovative SODA series returns for a late-summer dance party dubbed "Sticky." Built on a creative fusion of electronically-driven pop bands and top notch electro turntablists, SODA nights provide a constantly shifting palette of music style to stimulate even the most ADD-addled modern Portlander.

Keeping with SODA tradition, the lineup for "Sticky" promises audience a full run through the emotional gamut pop music can offer:

Hott Pink provides a lighthearted disco romp reminiscent of The Village People (if somehow less self-serious). Don't laugh too hard, though: these boys drop some of the biggest electro beats in town.

Sad Panda is an electronically-infused shoegazer style band from Salem, who has created a stir in Portland over the past year. These young men promise to provide emotional luster to the evening, preparing the moodier hipsters with comforting sounds to lift them to the rocking out phase in style.

As provocative as their punk rock name, The Cancer Fags deliver a sexy spin to dancefloor techno. Part cabaret and part post-post-rave DJ crowdcraft, the 2 men create a spellbinding experience with punchy beats, clever lyrics, and balls-out showmanship.

SODA partner, KSPU radio host, and award-winning DJ Mr Romo fills in every sort of crack with seamless mixes of electro, house, and underground hip hop. His manic, homegrown remixes and mashups are the stuff of local legend. He will be on hand before, between, and after the live sets on the bill to keep the evening energy swirling every skyward.
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you join the 1990's and pay big $ for a landline when you have 2 mobile phones?

I already feel like an idiot--the reason I'm making the switch looks like it's about to negate itself (you can't talk to someone that won't talk to you).

No, Cedric, I am NOT testing anyone. I'm playing it cool, but remarking on the fact the back and forth has dwindled.

In other news -- TCF is starting to ramp up work on originals. Good things on the horizon..

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I write this entry from my hotel room in downtown Austin, TX and the drama has already begun!

I am apparently to incompetent to properly pay for a hotel room online, so my personal credit card has been hijacked by the Hilton Corp. Here's hoping it all gets sorted out in the morning (it should). (sigh)

I have sort of "half-connectivity" from my hotel room: I can access the net, but can't use my VPN connection. This is bad, because I am expected to keep tabs on work while I am here, but so far cannot.

This is good, because I am expected to keep tabs on work while I am here, bust so far cannot.

People often refer to Austin as "the Portland of Texas." I have yet to set foot outside my hotel room, but so far, it looks like Minneapolis, as visualized by Mad Max.

None of the Austin blokes I am friendly with will be available to to visit me while I am here. This is a bummer. In the case of one of these, it could be catastrophic. I will report after it has all played out.

As for now? I am about to iron some clothes, take my second shower of the day, and boldly hit the town.

How was the flight? Suffice it to say: Boeing jets are boring, but sturdy!


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but it's not, exactly.

It is a Wednesday, it is at Noir.

It is:
The Cancer Fags
Mr.Romo vs. Corban Lester
31 Avas
Disco Model (if I can get ahold of him)
the SODA vibe, but in a weekday way

It is not:
requiring buttons, or cover
a show with a band
like anything else in town

We'd love to see you tomorrow night. 9PM, Ava starts it all off.


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Yes, that is Cliff Clavin. Yes, that is a Hoth costume.
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" The increase in vehicle acceleration and weight alone has raised emissions of carbon dioxide in the United States by about 5 percent. " -MATTHEW L. WALD (today's) New York Times
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Last night, I had some friends over and made some Indian food.

This used to be a typical weekly activity.

The Indian cooking turned a corner last night. I'm quite happy about this.

Allison keeps twisting the blade, as much as she is able. For some reason, we cannot stay out of touch with each other for more than a couple of weeks.

This must change.

I really, really need to quit inviting that pain in my life. I was doing pretty well for a while, but it's hard to do the right thing, some times. Yet again, I am asking the cosmos: keep me pointed in one direction (away).

Joey, you called me last night, and my friends were on their way out. I tried to call you back, to no avail. Gimme a shout during the day today, if you see this.

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yes, tonight!

call me first, though.

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(Wal-Mart switches course and puts its power into sustainable fish / organic products)

oh, incidentally--I gave a presentation on the Cupid Project in front of (almost all) the muckety-mucks (of the client). I guess I did pretty well. I am noting this for posterity.
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